How to Flash an Esp32 with EspProg

Once my first esp32 dev board was produced, I had to figure out how to flash my firmware on it. I had some FTDI adapters laying arouond, but non of them worked for me. After spending quite some time to figure out what's giong on, I found that the supply voltage supplied by the FTDIs was not stable enough for the esp32.
This was the chance to eventually use my EspProg I bought a while ago. As I do not use it reguallary, I wrote up a short article for myself that explains, what it is and how to use it.

Published Nov 02, 2023

Sommer's over, time for some DIY

Sommer leaves way to early, but I woun't shed a tear, beause many ideas have piled up in the last months. I made the first step into a new dimenion of DIY-ing: I was able to manufacture my very first DIY esp32 wroom development board. Untill now, I had to buy those boards and extend them. Now I have the ability to design and manufacture my own boards. Well, I am far away from a level one could call professional. But it gives me more degree of freedom and makes so much fun.

Published Sept 24, 2023

Yet another Layout

Programming my website in PHP was so much fun that I decided to also upgrade the layout to make it look more from the 21st century. I hope you like the new design. Though diving deeper into php, css and html really was fun. I will not continue working on my website, but focus again on my projects.

Published Dec 22, 2022

Maintaining Static HTML Pages is Tedious

Lately I was creating several pages for my site and found it to be very tedious to create static HTML pages. Most of all, copying navigation items to multiple pages is very annoying. So I decided to get more dynamic again. I programmed my site completely in PHP. That was fun. It was more than 10 years since I programmed PHP last. There was a lot to look up, because a lot has changed since the early 2010s. But at the end I think I made a step in the right direction. The updated technology allows me easier maintenance and adding pages. I hope you enjoy it.

Published Dec 20, 2022

More fun with P5.js library

Since I programmed a maze generator in JavaScript using P5.js library, I tried different things including video, but the most fun I had was programming video games of my youth, like Minesweeper or Alien Invaders.
My maze generator showed me that I do have a lack of knowledge when it comes to algorithm, so I decided to learn more in this field. The first I picked to get to know is the A* algorithm.
Alien Invaders

Published Dec 19, 2022

Multitasking on the Raspberry Pi Pico

Embedded systems always faszinated me. Especially the ways to organize executions on them. Therefore I was happy to find a backup of an article of my hacked website in which I showed different ways of executing tasks on a Rapsberry Pico. One is just running two bare metal implementations on each core of the Pico. In other examples I use different variations of FreeRTOS tasks and bare metal.

Published Nov 23, 2022

Maze Generator

I realy enjoy programming Javascript in the P5 framework. Though Javascript is a weird language, you can have very quick results. This time I tried programming a maze generator algorithm using the iterative version of the randomized depth first search algorithm.

Published Nov 23, 2022

Latching Power Supply

My kids are constantly leaving the garage door open during night. So I am currently developing a project which shall notify me whenever the door is left open. To save power I designed a latching power supply and explained the circuit in an article.

Published Nov 15, 2022

First Step in P5.js

Today I made something very different compared to the projects I usually tinker on. I did a coding challenge in p5.js a Javascript library which allows very easy creation of animated graphics. But as a first project I decided on programing my own version of Minesweeper. Have fun playing it.

Published Nov 14, 2022

Self Etching PCBs

My current project keeps me busy. I had several flaws in my circuit design so that I had to redo the layout and soldering several times. When I finally finished the design I decided to etch a PCB. While doing it I created a page in which I summarized all the steps I do to etch a PCB on my own.

Published Nov 5, 2022

New Start

Due to a brute force attack on my word press blog I needed to start from scratch. I decided to use robust and old technology to reduce the attack surface to a minimum. Hence I create the pages manually without any fluffy editor. I also removed any social media approaches like comments or stuff. I really hope that this time the page will be more robust and endurable so that my work is not in vain and you, my dear guest user, will find lots of helpfull information for your tinkering project.

The first article I like to publish is about requesting data from a DECT device attached to a AVM Fritz Box using Node Red.

Published Oct 10, 2022

Last edit: 2023-09-24