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Finally I managed to build my first Bluetooth speaker. Now I am able to listen to music on a high volume while cooking. Yeah. And to my surprise it was pretty easy. And cheap. I bougth a 50 cent amplifier (OEP30Wx2) in China which is able to deliver up to 30 watts. The main work is done by a Bluettoh audio USB dongle, which I bought at Amazon for 3,50 Euro. Additional components I used: a DC/DC decoupler to prevent this anoying sound caused by a ground loop, a 10k logarithmic potentiometer, a step down conventer, a 12V power supply and of course two speakers. I tried Dayton Audio ND-65-4.

Here’s the schematic for the setup:

The hardest part was the wood working. But it really was fun. Here’s the result. Hope you like it:

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  1. Dan

    I am working on a mult-channel version of the Frequency Measurement code that you have on your website. Currently, I am trying to measure the frequency of two inputs, both are less than 40 MHz. I have basically created two instances of the PCNT calls as well as the ISR’s, etc. So far I am unable to measure both channels. I am using the same 1 second control signal for both channels. I am using PCNT UNIT_0 and UNIT_1.
    Do you have any suggestions? I feel like the ISR’s might not be configured correctly for two channels.
    Thanks for giving me a gtreat starting point for my project. I l;ook forward to your reply.

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