I found my 2007 MacBook in the attic and took it apart

MacBook 2007

I will try to re-use as many components as possible in my future projects, but first I’ll have to learn more about Apple’s components. I started with the battery. In its case are 6 LiPo cells. Unfortunately two of my cells are damaged, but that means 4 are left for further usage. Currently I am trying to charge them with the help of a TP4056 board and a 6V 200 mA solar panel. But to gather more data, I first needed to build a data logger.


The four remaining cells are in a good condition. It did several tests with them. I will use at least one of them as battery for my ESP32 cam.

Meanwhile I ordered a HDMI board at Amazon (LCD/HDMI-Karte für 12,1 Zoll / 33,8 cm B121EW03 V2 LTN121W3-L01 LTD133EX2X B133EW01 V4). With the help of this board I am able to use the display of my old MacBook as monitor of a Raspberry Pi4. I will build an Magic Mirror with those components.