Here is the setup I am working with in my Arduino projects:

  • Arduino Uno 2020 edition
  • Arduino Nano v3
  • HC 05 Bluetooth module
  • HM 10 Bluetooth module

I am using the Arduino IDE an a MacBook Air (Mid 2013) with MacOs 10.15


Meanwhile I bought a NodeMCU with ESP32. I try to program this using ESP-IDF (version 5.2.1). I have not found the perfekt set up for my, so I keep experimenting with eclipse IDE and Xcode.

So far I prefer eclipse although I was not able to set it up perfectly working. Yes, I installed Espressif plugin to eclipse, but I am still not satisfied with the set up.

Update 2:

This year we had the first time every baby birds in out nest box. Me and my kids wanted to have a look inside the box so eagerly, but we did not want to disturb the bird. So I decided to buy two ESP32 Cams of AI Thinker.