Last friday I bought an Arduino. I did not know much about this thing, I ran across it when I visited some possible schools for our son. Some of the pupils showed what they did with it. And there were some really cool projects.

So I decided to buy one and find out where it will need me. I bought a Arduino Starter Kit which comes with multiple components like resistors, LEDs, switches and and and. But the most important thing ist the Project Book with 15 fun projects. The book really starts at the basics and leads you into the world of electronics and programming. Like!

It was at project 3 when I decided that the book is not enough. I needed a more sophisticated project in which I can include my son. So I decided to build robot car!

But with my current level of skills I will to be able to finish this project successfully. That’s why I will divide my project into several minor projects. First starting with a Bluetooth controlled LED. Let’s see where this leads…